Sharing sweet stories

Warnimont is a family business specializing in sweets confectionery since 1912. Tradition and modernity meet to offer a complete and varied offer of sweets that come in different shapes, tastes and colors; making them a delightful pleasure for kids and adults.

We first took care of the rebranding of the corporate logo, enabling Warnimont to consolidate its identity and to become a powerful signature also for retailers.

We also developed an impactful and friendly packaging with a catchy story behind, where Mythics, Venerables, Heroes and Wonderfuls are sympathetic characters that add a defined personality to each product range.

Last, but not least, we took care of a particular rebranding for one iconic product that carries Warnimont’s signature. Curix is ​​a sweet blend of nostalgia for a beautiful era and the constantly renewed pleasure of contemporary flavors. The original recipe from 1982, comes now presented with a fresh and dynamic new look.

Warnimont logo
mockup, colors, and typography of the project
Some flyers.
Different candy pack