spreading the wings of a company

Sonaca Group is a global Belgian company active in the development, manufacturing, and assembly of advanced structures for civil, military, and space markets. The group is especially known for its wing moveables expertise where it is regarded to be a world leader.

We developed a logotype based on the shape of an airplane slat, featuring a vivid green colour inspired by the original industrial materials. The identity was also supported by a graphic universe that was created to add coherence to the brand.

Sonaca Group is responsible for supporting air-framers by designing and manufacturing aerospace structures throughout the world. It is a leading aerospace company with a presence in four continents. Sonaca’s core business is the development, manufacturing, assembly and test of aerospace structures and their associated subsystems. The company has assembly and production plants in Belgium, Brazil, Canada and China. It employs a total workforce of over 2,500. Since the creation of Sonaca in 1978, over 100,000 slats have been delivered to main aircraft manufacturers.

Logo study
airplane and colors of this project.
a hangar and sonaca's buildings.
Guideline of this project.