A convivial space to develop our well-being capital

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iU (pronounced “you”) is a dedicated space of well-being from the largest group of pharmacies in Belgium: Multipharma. iU offers a wide range of skincare, beauty and care products, always offering customers the best choice with personalized products and advices given by specialized and honest professionals, making it a truly pleasant shopping experience.

We translated the idea of simplicity, purity and efficiency through a compelling name that resonates across all the different communication supports. We also developed a unique and personal identity that reinforces the values of harmony and well-being through the presence of the parma color, making it an essential element of the visual identity and the DNA of the brand.

The combination of the recurrent use of the color with strong messages in the communication makes this a unique universe, just for ‘iU’.

Colors of this project.
Ui conference.
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