5 tips on tone of voice in branding

10 September 2020

Tone of voice is how the brand, and so everybody who brings that brand to life, expresses themselves, both orally and in writing. So it is really important that it is defined.


Express your personality.

Use the brand’s values to assign the tone of voice to its personality.


Be consistent, but not intransigent.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, in its current circumstances, and in the mindset of its expectations.


Make sure you understand what you are saying.

Create a lexicon of the terms you often use, together with their definition and how they should be used.


Don’t make too much noise.

Draw up a list of terms that you absolutely want to avoid, because they conjure up an image that you do not want to convey.


Have a dialogue,

not a monologue. Develop a grammar that is conducive to a conversation.