5 tips on typography

10 September 2020

We all know and recognise that typography has its own character. So it’s not a choice that you should leave to chance.


Approachable or well established?

Use capitals if you want to come across as determined, and lower case - even for the initial of a name - to express proximity.


History vs. modernity.

If you want to position yourself in the present day, choose a sans serif font, but if you want to come across as a benchmark, go for a serif font.


'Italicise' with care.

Don’t abuse italics, as they tire the eye, especially when using all capitals.


Let your letters breathe.

While some brands try to make it their style, avoid putting letters too close together, and make sure they look balanced - which doesn’t necessarily mean being mathematical about it.


Use contrasts to your advantage.

If you cannot/don’t want to choose one family of fonts, highlight the difference and change register (a simple, unpretentious font for a script or handwriting for example).