The pleasure of doing things on your own while taking care of the environment

KITéTIK is a new proposal of DIY basic everyday products that brings back the pleasure of getting our hands busy. The brand has a healthy and sustainable promise: they only select products that will not have an impact on our bodies or the environment.

Just by following a few simple steps it is possible to create a laundry detergent or a sophisticated moisturizing face solution. All the products come in wood boxes and feature the different raw materials, the needed utensils, recipes and precise instructions on how to do everything on your own. A real invitation to homemade pleasure.

We were very involved in the concept and development of this unique brand. Every detail from the name to the selection of the packaging was carefully studied to fulfill the brand’s promise and to carry a consistent and strong message across the different supports to connect and engage with our audience.

The name is an invented word that carries out the idea of the “KITs” to present the different products and the “éTIK” concept, making reference to our commitment to a healthy and sustainable environment. Kitétik, which is also a palindrome, is a perfect representation of the intended balance between man and nature that is imperative in today’s world. This concept is enhanced by the design of a personal and simple logotype and the choice of a clean and sober graphic universe where the real protagonist is the product itself, presented in a very pure and natural way.