La Patinoire Royale / Galerie Valérie Bach

a spotlight in the heart of the city

The former Royal Ice Rink, built in 1877, was originally a must-see attraction in the capital. At the dawn of the twentieth century, the place is converted into a Bugatti assembly line. It then houses weapons and vehicles from the National Factory and, lately, vintage cars.

The building reopened in April 2015. Its new vocation is to welcome modern and contemporary art. Today, la Patinoire Royale is one of the most spacious private exhibition spaces in Europe. It focuses on the major stages of European artistic creation in the second half of the 20th century in the field of visual arts and design.

We developed a brand where spot color takes the identity into a new dimension. Each gallery space is highlighted with a specific color: the gallery Valérie Bach, a more commercial space, is identified with a red-orange color as a reminder of the label used when a piece of art is sold and the Patinoire is identified with a deep rich blue to represent an open space for exhibitions and events.