Show your personality

We create smart everyday objects that can reflect your personality by mixing colours and materials, including special features or simply adding your logo. Our creativity is limitless, just ask for it:

A matter of meaning

Born during world containment, our workshop has created objects to touch, see, feel and smell. We offer you both practical and aesthetic objects which support an environmentally friendly world.

Add values

Our entire collection meets ethical and ecological directives. They are imagined in our minds, designed in our studio and developed in our workshop or by craftsman colleagues. The materials employed are selected for their durability and low carbon footprint.

Tell stories

The felt used for our bags – quite a tale. Well, a collection of tales… Our felt is made from recycled work clothes. One colour, a company’s success, a human adventure. The timber in our WOOD collection? The story of a tree from our region

Take it easy

We design objects that are practical and easy to use in daily life; at home or in the office, on the road and off the beaten path. The design is both pure and rich in detail which means each object is unique. Just like you!

Express feelings

Our greatest joy is to see our objects acquire a patina over time, become warped or even take a knock or two; to breathe and experience emotions. Our chopping boards will be there to help you prepare that special meal and our bags will always have a small place for a handkerchief.