Keeping European researchers connected

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), is the first European intergovernmental framework for research collaboration. Since 1971, COST has been an effective tool to network and coordinate nationally-funded research activities by bringing together researchers and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge on very diverse topics, contributing to scientific cooperation and capacity building.

We first took special care in optimising the logotype by going through a series of steps to increase its visibility and notoriety. We also gave a new visual meaning to the different elements of the visual identity and designed a graphic universe that offered a dynamic platform where ideas and people were connected. A custom-made universe where shapes, colors, and lines were brought together to give support and establish a dialogue with the logotype and, at the same time, enhance the values of networking, openness, and diversity.

After the identity was optimised we implemented it and carried out the creation of the different communication supports for conferences, print communication, annual report, fact sheets, etc.