Empowering athletes under one flag

The BOIC (Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee) or COIB (in French), is the National Olympic Committee for Belgium. It represents the Olympic spirit and its values of the Olympic team.

The new identity was created based on the idea of victory and the feeling of success. We first stepped down and took the time to redefine the core values of the brand and we brought the concept of victory in a more clear and approachable way, by highlighting the role of the athlete carrying proudly the Belgian flag as an act of celebration.

We also took care of defining a clear and consistent brand architecture model that enabled us to adapt the logotype in response to specific needs, whether they were additional services, sports federations, events, locations or more. This brand architectural system allowed us to tie all these logos together through a strong visual link, and at the same time, assuring a certain level of consistency in the way these logos were made.