Improving quality of life through technology

Agoria is the largest employers’ organisation and trade association, representing more than 1.700 technology-inspired companies in Belgium. Together they seek to contribute to the world’s advancement through the development and application of technological innovations.

Working closely with Agoria, we took a strategic approach to redefine the main values of the brand. The conclusion of this first step was crucial identify the positioning of the brand as trailblazers and with an open mind to new technologic paths.

We created a simple and ambitious identity that is based on the significance of a point. A point that is not there to finalise and to close a sentence, but rather to open up a statement as leaders and innovators and, at the same time, a point of reference to our members. This is enhanced by a luminous and rich blue color, which represents technology and innovation.

These elements were translated in a logotype and carefully carried out through the different communication supports and applications where the brand is present.