Îles de paix

Building a brand new world together

Iles de Paix is an international Belgian NGO founded by Father Dominique Pire, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1958 for his actions in favour of the post-WWII relocated people. Iles de Paix aims to help weakened persons and wishes to give everyone the possibility to be active and responsible for the improvement of living conditions, depending on their own circumstances and capabilities.

Iles de Paix has built a strong reputation in the sector and is well-known thanks to its action « le petit bonhomme » that has been carried out for over three decades to raise funds. This shape, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man’s drawing, shows a human figure with big open arms, symbolizing solidarity and mutual help between people.

Our mission was to translate the original values of the organisation into a more modern and dynamic identity that will speak to a younger public and raise brand awareness by giving a more powerful meaning to a well-established symbol.

The end result is a dynamic and sympathetic identity that shares the idea of a better world that we all build together.