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La Police

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In 1998 the Octopus agreement was concluded, organizing an integrated police service. The fusion of the police and the gendarmerie was structured on two levels : the federal police and the local police, each having complementary missions throughout the country.

Following an open call for tender involving more than 2000 projects, Hoet&Hoet listened to the request and proposed a new identity with a graphic line. This was kept open for discussion in order to reach consensus on such a highly symbolic identity.

One of the difficulties in achieving this identity was to create a unifying logo while stressing a subtle distinction between the two levels. The solution to a clear brand architecture was found by emphasizing each level with a distinct color line.

It was also important for the new identity to be impactful and recognized as a sign of authority and -even more so- as a symbol of help and support. This duality is reflected in the logotype with the hand and the flame.

Hoet&Hoet also developed a graphic line that expressed this new dynamism and openness, and was later translated in terms of color, curves and typography. All this is reflected in different supports and media, such as documents, vehicles, uniforms and signage.

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> logotype

la police logotype 1 - hoet-hoetla police logotype 2 - hoet-hoetla police logotype 3 - hoet-hoetla police logotype 4 - hoet-hoet

> guidelines

la police guideline 1 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 2 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 3 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 4 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 5 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 6 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 7 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 8 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 9 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 91 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 92 - hoet-hoetla police guideline 93 - hoet-hoet

> signage

la police signage 1 - hoet-hoet

> vehicule

la police vehicule 1 - hoet-hoetla police vehicule 2 - hoet-hoetla police vehicule 3 - hoet-hoetla police vehicule 4 - hoet-hoetla police vehicule 5 - hoet-hoetla police vehicule 6 - hoet-hoetla police vehicule 7 - hoet-hoetla police vehicule 8 - hoet-hoet