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Equiform was the name of a well-established parapharmaceutical chain in Belgium. But the brand had become obsolete and no longer corresponded to the services and products it offered.

Hoet&Hoet helped the client define its vision, mission and values in order to develop a brand that is in tune with itself: a brand with ‘better-being’. The name ‘Equiform’ no longer reflected this philosophy and the strength of the group. Hoet&Hoet set up brainstorming sessions with the client in order to find a new brand name that is aligned with this way of thinking.

‘iU’ (pronounced ‘you’) was created because it is directed to everyone, with a different product and advice for every particular need, and because the customer is always at the centre. Hoet&Hoet played on the strength of simplicity and gave new meaning to the brand with a short name, a soothing color and round enveloping typography. The same concept was then translated in-store, with the help of various professionals, through careful and detailed work in materials, lighting and navigation. The goal was to make customers comfortable in a friendly environment with simple and clear navigation that allows them to choose if they wish to be guided or left free to shop.

This mutual partnership of different professionals was reflected in a new identity with high recognition that stands out thanks to its uniqueness. Like you.

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> strategy

iU strategy - hoet-hoetiU strategy 2 - hoet-hoetiU strategy 3 - hoet-hoetiU strategy 4 - hoet-hoetiU strategy 5 - hoet-hoetiU strategy 6 - hoet-hoet

> logotype

iU logotype - hoet-hoet

> guidelines

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> signage

iU signage 01 - hoet-hoetiU signage 02 - hoet-hoetiU signage 03 - hoet-hoet

> advertising

iU advertising 01 - hoet-hoetiU advertising 02 - hoet-hoet